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There are many other issues facing South County Fire in the future. With your vote, I can handle the policies below for you in a common sense, transparent way, so that you can rely on the fact that you will have a quick response when you call 911 for your next emergency.

Policies In-Depth

Capital facilities plan: We are doing one to sort out how many new and remodeled fire stations we need for the next 20 years, and how will we pay for them.

Response times improvement: The response times are increasing due to more calls for service and more traffic, but we can see an improvement through the use of technology and effort.

Subsidization of the contract cities: The contract cities (Brier, Edmonds, Mountlake Terrace) pay less taxes than residents of South County Fire for the same service. That needs to end, and they need to pay the same as everyone else.

Strategic planning: We started a strategic planning process in April that will look at changes we need to make for the future.

Training academy: We host the training academy for new firefighter recruits in Snohomish County, and it has been a huge success. We need to continue it.

Paramedic school launch: We need to address our shortage of paramedics, we will be partnering with Central Washington University to launch a Snohomish County paramedic school. This is a great opportunity to create our own paramedics at a time when it is hard to find them.


Arbitration: We are going to arbitration in September 2019 regarding our labor contract with our firefighters. We have been unable to reach a settlement after more than a year of negotiation. I will look out for your tax dollars and your service while being fair to our firefighters. Regardless of the arbitration outcome, I will continue to work with our firefighters in a positive manner for this contract and the next, the negotiations for which begin next year.

RFA expansion: We need to expand the RFA by inviting the contract cities to join the RFA.

Volunteer firefighters: We need to keep this program and reinvigorate it.

Diversity enhancement: We need to establish ways and policies to encourage diversity at South County Fire to match the diversity of our community.

Emergency (disaster) management: No other local agency is positioned to handle the ground-level needs of disaster preparedness, and we should fill that role.

No fireworks zone: Every 4th of July we have property damage and bodily injury in South County Fire from the use of fireworks. South County Fire has asked the Snohomish County Council to make all of South County Fire a no fireworks zone. I support this effort because I know it will reduce property damage and bodily injuries. All of the cities in and around South County Fire ban fireworks, and the same should be true in South County Fire.